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What Are You Thankful For? +Future Plans

Did everyone have a great weekend? Maybe you caught the Black Friday Weekend/Cyber Monday sale? I actually didn’t bother too much with that this year as I found that I didn’t really need to buy anything, nor did I want to buy anything just because of a huge sale. Maybe this is a part of being more ‘grown up’ – just by being a more practical person? (…which technically, is something I’m striving to be more of however ironic this whole blog may seem.)

I am fully aware that it was Thanksgiving last week, so Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrated it! I almost wished it was tradition here in the UK but I guess, in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, Mother’s/Father’s Day etc. you can always be thankful and loving regardless of festivities. I will say though, I particularly admire Thanksgiving because it doesn’t rely on gifting at all.


This year, I am thankful for finding a sense of self through this blog. Writing and sharing stream-of-line thoughts is completely free, and in many ways very relieving and rewarding to the mind and soul. I’m thankful that I can collectively gather those thoughts into one space, and actually have an audience for it, whilst continually finding myself through it. I’m sure that I will be actively seeking myself for years to come. I am constantly amazed at how many versions of myself that I am able to find and build. 🙂

Next, I am even more thankful to just be alive, to be safe in a world that’s so scary today. I won’t ramble too much on this matter because there’s simply too much to ramble about. Just turn on the news on any given day and you’ll know what I mean. I hate watching the news for that very reason but we must care and be thankful for every extra day we get, right? Absolutely.

With that in mind, and a new year fast approaching, I want to work towards shifting my blog into other spheres – not just Beauty & Skincare which has been the most active in recent months. Hell, there’s lots of things I want to talk about!

  • I want to discuss some serious matters that I truly care about.
  • But I also want to make casual chit-chat, modern stream-of-line posts.
  • I want to create trend reports, offer wardrobe/shopping tips, inspire style, inspire you.
  • Styling tips?
  • More routines? Skincare is the obvious one but my latest makeup look could be cool.

I think this is the least I can do to give thanks to everyone reading. By making more posts! 😉 ❤

What are you thankful for? 

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