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Two Clinique Repurchases +Mini Reviews

I don’t think I’ve actually clarified what my favourite skincare brand  is but if you were to ask me, I would definitely mention Clinique.

It all started with one product that one of my good friends recommended to me a few years back (FYI, it’s the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel…) and ever since, I have gradually tried more products from them. It’s still a modest amount but enough to say I love the brand – I have yet to find a product from Clinique that I don’t like so much.

Shall we start?

In short, I repurchased the Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm and the All About Eyes Eye Cream.


Topped with this, Debenhams were doing a 10% off AND when you buy 2 or more items, you receive a freebie kit. It was too good of an offer to not take up!



In the freebie kit, I received:

All About Eyes Eye Cream (7ml) *
Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ (30ml)
Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF 20 (7ml)
Superdefense Night Recovery Moisturiser (7ml)
High Impact Mascara (3.5ml)
15 Uptown Downtown All About Shadow Duo (.03oz/1g) X 20 Bashful Blush (.06oz/1.8g)
Aromatics In Black EDP (4ml)

…for which I will be reviewing briefly aka a first impressions.

* More eye cream! I shan’t be needing any eye cream for a long while!

I realised I couldn’t be without this: If you have read my Beauty Clean-Up post then you will know that I ran out of this balm and as to save a bit of money, I started to use Sweet Almond Oil instead to remove my makeup. It was good, but honestly, I missed using Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. It just simplifies cleansing and melts all the makeup off. Easy, fuss-free, non-drying and most importantly, no oily residue (which the Sweet Almond Oil inevitably leaves). There’s also something modestly luxurious about the packaging that for £22, it’s a bargain. I recommend this to sensitive skin types too.

I also realised I couldn’t be without this either: I hate running out of eye creams. I feel that with everything else, you can make-do with products you already have and wait-out a little until your next shop (unless you’re an early bird and shop in advance). But with eye creams, the challenge to find a good one seems so much harder that making-do is a no-go situation for it. I missed the Clinique All About Eyes. It softens and hydrates my eye area. Even when I have gone to bed late the previous night, it helps with dark circles and puffiness due to its gel-like consistency.

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+

Many years ago, I got afraid of the word ‘lotion’, because it felt like a buzz word for ‘grease cream’ though obviously, it means different things now and beauty formulas are improving more and more. This is a gel-to-cream formula as you rub it into the skin. I was pleasantly surprised as I don’t expect lotions to be gel-like (at least not initially). A little goes a long way, and even for my combination/oily skin, I feel that I can get away with using this this winter.

Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF 20:

It turns out this product is poorly received and I can understand why. It’s a bright white cream, looks and smells like SPF (you know the sort). When you swipe it, it’s like swiping thin butter. It leaves a sheen on the skin – not a white cast but enough to put you off if you have oily skin. It feels greasy too so definitely not oil-free.

On its own: Ugh! After one hour, I looked like an oil-slick so I had to powder. I was constantly conscious of how oily I must have looked. End of night? Oily mess.

Underneath makeup (mineral foundation): Was surprisingly compatible with my Bare Minerals Matte foundation! Bare in mind, I used primer too but really, not bad!

Underneath makeup (liquid foundation): I was super worried so I tested it with my Revlon Colourstay first which is a matte, natural finish foundation. I think the foundation controlled the oiliness of the cream so it worked out okay. 3 hours before I gathered some shine. After that, I just really needed to powder.

With the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, which is a demi-matte foundation with a natural dewy finish, I thought it would be a total disaster but not as bad as I anticipated. 3 hours: still looked good. Started to get shiny along my T-zone after 4 hours. Overall, not great but not horrendous.

Superdefense Night Recovery Moisturizer:

I found that this product replaced a cult favourite that upset a lot of Clinique die-hard fans. You can guess that this replacement isn’t popular. I get wary of ‘night creams’ as this suggests a thicker formula, and although the consistency of this is just right, it’s not enjoyable to blend on my skin. It’s slightly thicker than its coordinating day cream, but without the grease and not overly rich. I felt that I had to use a lot to cover my face. I did however, wake up with smoother skin but I think I’ll stick to my gel moisturisers.


A fat brush for mega volume which sadly, does little for me!

High Impact Mascara:

I was excited to try this out because I’ve heard great things about Clinique mascaras. But as someone with a pathetic lash base, it just wasn’t meant to be. Don’t get me wrong though – it’s not bad. The brush is larger than I am used to but it’s neat and not funky-looking. It applies evenly, doesn’t clump, does a decent mascara job but due to lack of eye space (and lack of lash potential), it doesn’t define my lashes the way I want it to. It also didn’t hold the curl, but for what it’s worth, it didn’t give me panda eyes. Plus it washes off easily.

15 Uptown Downtown All About Shadow Duo:

Truthfully, I don’t use eyeshadows much so it’s hard for me to say much at all. The colours don’t particularly interest me, and after swatching, they’re not intensely pigmented so there’s that. The shadows blend out quite sheer so this won’t be for everyone.

20 Bashful Blush:

Bashful is the appropriate name for this blush because a) it doesn’t look like much in the pan and b) it’s a very natural, subtle blush! A little goes a long way so I might actually check this out in the future, since I love their Cheek Pops! It adds a healthy colour to the cheeks, more of a neutral shade which is perfect for everyday, but even more perfect for autumn/winter. Like!


There is text on the bottle but my phone camera didn’t pick this up… ><

Aromatics In Black EDP:

I checked the price online of this perfume (prior to trying), and it’s actually steeper than I thought it’d be! But considering that it’s an EDP, not EDT, I suppose that’s where the distinction lies. This is a complex, floral scent that I feel is quite comparable to YSL’s Black Opium, except this is more floral in comparison. It’s more of an evening perfume – seductive, mysterious, deep. What a surprise! I was ready to feel neutral about this but turns out, I love it! It’s just classy and not in-your-face.

Bottom Line – Would I purchase anything? I think considering the Clinique skincare I love already, there isn’t a remarkable skincare product here that speaks to me. They were for dry/dry combination skin types though, so it wasn’t ever for me. However, I will be looking into the blush and the perfume in the future.

What are your favourite (or not-so-favourite) products at Clinique? What’s your go-to brand in skincare? 

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    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! ^^

      I love the cleansing balm. I have only tried two (this one and the Body Shop Camomile one) but I am so sure this will be a long-term favourite. Right now, I can’t think about trying a new one! The eye cream is really hydrating too 🙂 so of course I have to share with everyone! 😀

    • Right?! I’ve become a bit of a Clinique snob this year, I’ve had 3 of their products in my skincare routine all year round! ><

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