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Hauls Can Be Practical Too | My Creative Buys

I have been talking about Beauty & Skincare for a while now, but I have never planned or intended to post a haul. The reason being is, I find hauls exhausting to watch so despite my love for many YouTubers, you will not see me jumping at a new haul video.

I am generally more forgiving towards seasonal hauls or hauls where you really are buying essentials since they are thematic and we require different products at different times whilst some others may be used throughout the year. But there is also another ‘category’ of products which is the reason why I don’t like watching hauls: products we don’t need, that we over-buy and/or buy on the whim.

I get it. It’s even more of a phenomenon now with the internet which makes hauling both practical and impractical, convenient and inconvenient. But I refuse to give up on being a more efficient shopper, so I’m showing you how.

In this post, I’m covering products that I’ve genuinely waited for as well as some essentials! 


The tray is ‘removable’ from the drawer which is a great option to have. Many others are normally combined i.e. unremovable.

Acrylic Makeup Storage/Organiser – Tiger // £6 (I’ve linked something similar on Amazon)

Let me tell you something: I’m the type of internet shopper that watches and saves items, watches many times more before I proceed to buy. So when I saw the exact duplicate at Tiger for half the price, I HAD to buy it. Traditionally, my makeup is either in my drawer or in my makeup bag. This acts as an in-between where it’s at reachable distance, you see where’s what and it’s organised. May I add that it looks pretty on my dresser?



Face Paint | The History of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge – Amazon // (I paid £12.91 which obviously isn’t a fixed price)

I have been a fan of Lisa Eldridge for a good few years now, and although traditionally not a YouTuber, she is my favourite amongst most of the others. This book is stunning. Both visually and verbally. I find Lisa Eldridge so passionate about what she does that she brings out a new meaning of beauty that not many beauty gurus are able to achieve. She has so much inner beauty that this book too, shares, because history is so, so important.

The Little Book of Skincare: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin by Charlotte Cho – Amazon // (I paid £8.88 which obviously isn’t a fixed price)

I’m becoming curious. Like many women, after many years of experience with skincare, it would seem appropriate to have perfect skin by now but sadly, that’s just not the case. But lately, I have been delving into skin science, so I haven’t lost all hope. I’m really focused on what I’m putting on my skin now so product research is a must. Sokoglam has become my go-to website regarding Kbeauty (which I particularly admire) so this book by its founder, was a special pick-up at Amazon to get me started!


They have different colour ways. I chose the pastel wools set!

Beginner’s Weaving Loom Kit – Etsy Shop: TheSquidInkCo // £24 (ex. shipping fee)

It’s no secret that I love Pinterest to death, and the same can probably be said for Tumblr. This winter, I want to learn how to weave, after coming across The Weaving Loom, by a blogger named Kate. Just…check it out and you’ll see what I mean. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to start! If you are creative and love home decor, this could be a hobby for you?


Simple Micellar Cleansing Water (400ml) – Boots // £5.99

I finally decided to pick an alternative to the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, after a consecutive 3 empty bottles. You’d think that’s a strong statement that says, ‘I love this product and can’t be without it’ but actually, I’m very neutral about it. In comparison, this Simple one I picked it up is more expensive but there are over 2000 reviews on the Boots website which really says something and not to mention, 4 and a half stars overall. Be right back as I find out why.

Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz  (150ml) – Boots // £4

Again, wanted to try something new after being loyal all year to the Simple Soothing Toner which is a product I adore. I’ve been wanting to try rosewater for a while so I felt that this was a perfect, affordable option and so far so good! I really love the scent. It smells how you expect rosewater to smell, which doesn’t sound like such a surprise. But it is so relaxing yet sweet (no, not the sickening kind). I could smell this all day. The nozzle in particular is great in releasing a fine mist that you can anticipate.

Have you been hauling lately? What did you buy and why? 

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  2. Great buys! I’ve been looking to get some acrylic trays and re-organize my makeup collection. x

    Valerie //

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