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#PFW S/S17 Welcome to the Revolution! | Favourites 2

Known as the ‘City of Love’.

Love for so many things that

do not exclude Fashion.

Love for the Arts, the People, the Culture.

This is Paris!


This is one of the newer brands in my vocabulary that I’m getting to know more and more about 🙂 and this season may have been their strongest collection to date!

To give you a little insight, the brand is founded by Chitose Abe who previously worked as a pattern cutter under Rei Kawakubo at Comme Des Garçons and later, as a design member at Junya Watanabe. From there on, you can expect super creativity but it doesn’t stop there. No. It never stops. The dreams keep rolling.

The aesthetic of Sacai is fresh, exciting and ever-evolving that moving from New York to Paris to show, cements its worth. You can expect the mixing of different fabrics from Sacai – quite like collage, executed with such finesse that the idea of collage was a second thought. The clothes though! It’s worth seeing any video footage you can find, as the movement of the clothes is out of this world.

Sacai’s collection this season was the perfect mix between (super) creativity and wearability.
Not to forget, there were injections of deconstruction that just worked. 

Issey Miyake

If you were to ask me what Japanese designers seem to have in common, it is their ability to understand shape and form. But to execute it the way they do becomes idiosyncratic per designer/label.

Issey Miyake’s collection this season started off with shape in its most basic state – flat and easy to comprehend from a rough sketch. But as the show goes on, the manipulation of fabric (or print) heightens and there is more relationship between the body and 3D form that is being developed.

Unfortunately, I was not so keen on the last 7 or 8 looks (not shown) as I found the proportions off and not particularly flattering to the female body.

Yohji Yamamoto 

73 years old and still rocking!

If you’re unfamiliar with Yohji Yamamoto’s work, he, along with Rei Kawakubo (of Comme Des Garçons) are particularly revolutionary to (Japanese) fashion history. I guess you can say that they broke the elitism of fashion and paved way for Japanese designers to show in Paris.

Yohji’s signature colours are black, white and red (mainly black though), and it’s no different here. His poetic style will never fail to impress me. What really sticks with me when it comes to Yohji is the way he interprets imperfections into his clothes. Like deep scars, they’re always there to remind you of something that once belonged, and is still of value now.

I’m with you there, Yohji.

Yohji Yamamoto’s design aesthetic is the epitome of ‘cool’. 

That completes the Fashion Week series for this season! What were your favourites? What trends have you seen that you look forward to wearing? Let me know in the comments below ~

Photo credit: Indigital via BoF

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