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#MFW S/S 17 Mix It Up! | Day 1 + 2

To the land of materials,

Where artisans exist and play,

allowing the rawness of feelings to transpire.

Welcome to Milan Fashion Week!


Gucci is back in conversation thanks to Alessandro Michele. It’s amazing what a change of hand can do for an historic Fashion House. Almost 2 years later, and we have a re-invented Gucci woman who’s story is told so alarmingly well. (That is if you accept the 180 degree flip.)

One wonders if it’s a sin to be this referential in a collection but Alessandro shows us how it’s done by mixing past and present sensibilities together. He’s definitely aware of everything that’s happening around him and with vintage mixing and matching being on trend, he’s not letting go any time soon. We don’t want him to let go either.


This collection really took me by surprise! First thought: Fresh!

I’m really unfamiliar with this brand but I’ll be on the lookout for them more in the future. What’s utilised particularly well in this collection is texture. Textiles is an ever-growing movement in the Arts and Fashion industry, thanks to better technology, and more specialists. But sometimes in the new era, we forget to let things just be.

Here, there are many fabric types and finishes put together: sheer, lace, feathers, woven, satin. But it all blended well with each other, yet each fabric in its own element as to not be dismissed. Clever. 

Last but not least, the patchwork, almost collage-like looks was a great touch that was executed well.


A collection that got better as the show went along. Perhaps Mr Lagerfeld wanted to show ordinary into fairytale? I’m not too sure, but the latter was most interesting and not in the means as to ‘just look pretty’ either. There was an artful presence – a history which pushed everything along. 


Even when you have been designing for many years, it’s hard to determine when you are truly comfortable in your own skin, when you have found your own, when you are in your own element. For instance, it was only last season that Victoria Beckham announced such news as did Donnatella Versace. The journey of quest to find self is never-ending.

Miuccia Prada has had many successes over the years but times change, Fashion changes and before you know it, it’s time to move forward again to create more successes. That’s what happened here as Miuccia took a memory shot of the past but moved forward with the future in the wit, insouciance and playfulness we all know she’s capable of. 


Hate him or love him, it’s hard to deny Jeremy Scott of his uprising fame amongst the youth (or even the more spontaneous adults). Admittedly, his work is growing on me too, after all, why so serious?

Moschino is a brand that reminds us to have fun, to play! Why so serious? Be ironic. We only live once.

This time, Jeremy Scott explored the 1950s pin-up girl. The type you’d get in a magazine and cut out, mixing and matching all the outfits and accessories that come with dressing up a body. Even the white tabs were left on to add effect to the fashion show. It was the idea of 2-D becoming 3-D – or was it?

But that’s as far as the positives go. On surface level – through the media, the internet or social networks, these are very photographable, shareable looks. In person, real life, it’s hard to imagine who’d wear these on the street. But I’m sure either Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus will be making an appearance soon in a Jeremy Scott number. We’ll have to see.

In short – loved the show and collection but I just question its wearability. 

Photo credit: Indigital via  Vogue, BoF

All opinions are my own.

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