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#LFW S/S17 Favourite Shows pt. 1

‘London Bridge is falling down’ may sound familiar,

But it’s long known how to stand on two feet since,

Just as it knows how to build bridges again,

A city for the history-makers, the youth, the streets.

London Fashion Week, you’re next!

Simone Rocha

Romance x Drama. Honestly, I don’t expect any less from Simone Rocha. If anything, having a baby (who by the way, she named Valentine) would have injected her with more emotion, passion and a way to fall in love again…dramatically.

One of my favourite designers.

Mary Katrantzou

Finally! This was the Mary Katrantzou that I was waiting to come back! After being propelled to the dark side or diverting to other territory (i.e. less crazy prints), this is the Mary K. I like best.

The embroidery x darker colour palette in the latter half of the collection was a great touch.

Peter Pilotto

Designers are really exploring different colour palettes this season, aren’t they? If you ever wondered what it was like to mix Baroque, metallics and colour together then here is the answer. The whole patch trend may seem overdone by now but things felt different here. Child play is never out of style.

Photo credit: Indigital via  Vogue

All opinions are my own. Look out for a pt. 2!

Note: In this chapter, I did not group any trends as actually, I found little compared to #NYFW. #LFW shows are mostly individual and very creative. As such, these are my highlights – the ideas that stand out the most to me.

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