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#NYFW S/S 17 Rock ‘n’ Rolla | Day 6+7

Another season and a whole load of new collections.

Do I care about the seasons? Maybe not so much.

But a girl loves the fashion and the perspective in becoming a woman perhaps.

New York, we’re coming for you first and I’m going to tell you what I think!

Proenza Schouler

There is no stopping this design duo! The only way was up as they amplified the volume of their staple cuts, innovative fabrics and colour palettes. It was only appropriate to continue watching (not just out of respect – although yes) but because it was really that good.

The show began with volumes in an A-line silhouette – though not in its typical sense with asymmetric play (although let’s be clear – there is nothing typical about Proenza Schouler). These volumes then burst into further definitions – stripes, deeper and bolder colours…and not least, beautiful, beautiful pattern-cutting.

There was the criss-cross paneling which we can associate to being Proenza’s signature, that was cut closely to the body. This criss-cross notion then followed into a stripe outfit (not shown) that maximised the signature technique. Not only this but more of everything else – layers, movement, stripes, knots, hyper-neo fabrication… It was all there for us to dissolve and enjoy bit by bit.


Coach has been on a high in recent years, and a wild one at that too. If Fashion is a game, then they’re playing their cards right and with great effect.

They’re following closely behind the minds of the young ones, with Chloe Grace Moretz as the face of Coach that it’s no wonder they’re so in-sync with the youth today. Rebellion, biker-gang, attitude…sound familiar? The outcome was entirely new however.

The layered sheer skirts formed a base throughout the entire collection which gave a new take on the softness of the hardness. Perhaps it was the trimmings that breathed new life into the fabric. The outerwear on the other hand were the stand-out pieces…the girl with attitude is back.

Photo credit: Indigital via Vogue

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