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#NYFW S/S 17 Growth! | Day 3

Another season and a whole load of new collections.

Do I care about the seasons? Maybe not so much.

But a girl loves the fashion and the perspective in becoming a woman perhaps.

New York, we’re coming for you first and I’m going to tell you what I think!

Red Valentino

It can be daunting for a young person to view fashion, especially if they’re not quite at the age of womanhood just yet. It’s a strange, grey area between adolescence and true adulthood but the advantage of this, is the ability to have fun experimenting whilst still doing it right. Red Valentino offers such options with easy-to-wear A-line silhouettes which are every bit flattering whilst still keeping your youth.

There was a new take on a ‘sun and beach’ theme  in the form of colour blocks and not your average sun-ray stripes. The wide-legged denim jumpsuit was particularly my favourite because…who says you can’t wear a full outfit of denim on the beach?


A relatively new brand who are into their sixth season already, founded by Jordana Warmflash who is ironically a New York native. Whilst nothing too dramatic, the textiles were a particular highlight point – unusual and new. These were used sparingly in equal proportions at the right areas to re-invent the colour block dress.

Soft tailoring was another key element, translating specific fabrics into wearable pieces that can be seen as part of a modern woman’s wardrobe.

Jason Wu

The First Lady’s first choice and it’s easy to see why.

Jason Wu’s muse is a strong, sophisticated woman much like Michelle Obama herself, who demands such presence without being annoyingly in-your-face. The tailoring was particularly vocal, but not in the way that we know it. It was every bit creative and responsive to the feminine body with accented seaming in either a metallic blue or neon yellow because, why be shy about your presence?

It was the old combined with the very new – cold shoulders, asymmetry and pattern-blocking. The freshness of Spring/Summer definitely came from the neon yellow that infinitely lifted the colour palette. Good choice, Jason Wu.

Tadashi Shoji

A few months ago, I had read an article on Tadashi Shoji and his company’s business culture which was quite the fascinating read. A man who allows himself to sit in the middle of the office as to create the best form of communication and be at the centre of all problems. Whilst it’s near impossible to tell that from visuals, the collection’s worth cannot be denied.

The  looks were stunning, with most thanks to the fabrics which should never be compromised. Lace was notably used throughout the collection in the most gracious manner – worn on the body like a glove. The emerald green lace jumpsuit was a particular high – risqué but fabulous.

Photo credit: Indigital via  Vogue

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