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June Travel Series: 4th stop > Edinburgh pt.2

(Cont. from pt.1)

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Last time, I continued off from Edinburgh Castle so this is where we will begin again.

Living in the UK, I sometimes take for granted what views we actually have. Unless you live on a mountain, you are mostly on level-ground where you just see houses or streets.

Where I live, there is a tendency to rain a lot but that’s just an excuse to not look at all the possible perspectives…


Edinburgh Castle admission price was about £10/£12 per adult (I don’t remember too accurately) but it’s affordable and really, really worth it.


I even got to sit on top of a cannon!


And I tested out the Panorama feature on my [old] phone. So I apologise that it’s not great quality yet I still wanted to desperately show this!

We couldn’t have picked a better day to visit Edinburgh Castle.


Sitting on top of the cannon whilst feeling a light breeze was one of the best feelings ever.


And if I can allow myself to be brutally honest – I’m typically not interested in visiting castles or similar, however this was such an exception.

We still did not go inside to explore any particular room or read any particular information board because we only went for one sole mission: scenery.

You only need one real reason to go somewhere I figured.


We sat down for a good half hour after we were done with much scenery-appreciating. This was the perfect time to refill our energy with cake, tea or a nice cold lemonade!

On the bench next to ours, situated two full-grown men in their kilts. (I almost wished I took a picture of this just to show.)


Whilst my brother went back to renew his parking permit again, we approached this green park that we long noticed nearby and sat down. We even bought fresh strawberries with us to enjoy and have our own mini-picnic!


Now if you’re after scenery that is similar to what Edinburgh Castle offers and is free, then Calton Hill will interest you greatly.

The best part is that each location is on opposite sides to each other so the perspective is the same but different.



A good level of walking is needed to get up to Calton Hill including a set of steps. But once you’re there, I promise that it’s a whole other world.

It’s isolated but in a very good way.

img_20160608_184557img_20160608_184758Sky, Land and Soil


There is still a large walking area too once you’re at the destination which makes this a favourite for not just tourists, but residents too.

img_20160608_201244Of Sky Lines and Tram Lines


Edinburgh is a city that’s very walkable. By definition, I mean that there is a lot to see whilst traveling by foot most of the time.

It’s instinctive that Edinburgh is a colourful city that very much so integrates its traditions and culture for all to explore and this – should never be lost.




So that concludes my two days in Edinburgh and my whole June Travel Series. Thank you to everyone who followed this series or tuned in to any part of it. Thank you for the overwhelming response of ‘likes’ (each one means a lot) which has motivated me to keep improving my posts. Now…onto the next one!

If you too have a travel diary – please share, I’d love to know!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram and interact!

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