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June Travel Series: 4th stop > Edinburgh

It’s the final post! (Although actually, after assessing all the photos, I will have to split into parts 1 and 2.)

I like to think that I left the best till last. Or at least, this was my favourite place out of the many that we (me and my family) visited.

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After we went back to London after Brighton to stay the final night, we made our way to Edinburgh shortly after breakfast that day. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d be able to endure such a long car journey (I think it was something like 8 hours in total? I can’t remember anymore but it was really long). The short breaks in-between at service stops definitely helped though!

We even ate a meal or two at these service stops. Needless to say, it wasn’t healthy at all, but you only live once, right?

At this point, I don’t think we cared that much about our health since we ate ice-cream almost everyday. This is what it means to be happy and free, right?


Eventually, when you get closer to Scotland, you’re no longer on the big motorway, and it was apparent that not many vehicles go through at all.

It was nice though, to be accompanied by this view.


Some hours later, some service-stops later and we finally arrived in Edinburgh. By then, it was already quite late and past dinner-time. We had actually spent the ‘day’ in a car…the sacrifices that are needed to be made before you get to the destination.

We ate properly that night and got some early rest.


This was a large park that we noticed straight away when we arrived in Edinburgh and were on our way to the hotel, so we decided straight away we’d come here the following morning.

After an hour’s walk, we went to find breakfast. It was quite a cold morning, but otherwise, not too bad. It actually got warmer as the day went on – and considerably warm for Edinburgh itself.


After breakfast, we drove out towards the city centre, found somewhere to park and walked to see some tourist spots.

The Scott Monument (below) is particularly iconic.


This was also another iconic building, though I’m not too sure what it’s called. But once you’re on top of Edinburgh Castle, you’d be able to notice it.


The sky didn’t fail to be particularly blue that day. The sun also happened to be in the way of this scenery yet somehow, I love the outcome. The overcasting shadow of darkness appears to compliment the blueness of the sky so well.


^ This one’s my favourite!

One of the things that really strikes me about Edinburgh is that there are a lot of high points where you can overlook the city, or at least a gorgeous skyline as above. Moreover, it’s free (unless you’re heading to Edinburgh Castle which by the way – is totally worth it).

dsc_0047_3A Green Park, the Scott Monument and the City Centre 


Did I tell you already that I just love taking pictures of the sky?


When we were across the road from the Scott Monument, we noticed a few people at the top of it which I thought was so cool! However, we didn’t manage to do this as we had such limited time due to our parking ticket which was only two hours at a time (at which we went to renew twice). Instead, we decided to use the time for Edinburgh Castle during one session.


On foot to Edinburgh Castle, required walking up quite a steep hill which meant some more high points to overlook the city. Already, I was falling in love with the city.

Timeless, gothic and elegant.

I think I wouldn’t mind seeing this view everyday.

When regarding architecture, Edinburgh has a lot to offer that distinguishes itself well from other major UK cities (or even cities in general). The materials and detail felt really different to that of London for example whereby they still felt really new like it had been built yesterday, yet retaining tradition.

And soon, within a 15 minute walk we were at Edinburgh Castle on a glorious and warm day to see the view that took all our worries away.


Follow part 2 soon for the rest of my trip in Edinburgh, including more on Edinburgh Castle and a look at Calton Hill.

Have you been traveling recently? Leave a comment below as I’m always interested in knowing about new places~

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