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June Travel Series: 3rd stop > Brighton

Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for all the likes from my previous posts regarding this new June Travel Series that I have been sharing! I am overwhelmed by the reaction and it has given me a huge confidence boost to continue sharing and doing what I do on this website.

There is always fear as a creative, on whether anyone will view your content but at the same time, you don’t want just anyone to view the work. You want someone to like it, to feel inspired, to get it. So it has been a really enlightening and positive experience to not only share to everyone on a global platform, but to also find like-minded individuals too!

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This post documents my one day travel (a mere few hours actually), to Brighton.


Brighton is known as the seaside city of the UK. I have heard from many friends that it is beautiful here but have never entered this part of the country until now. For once, I can testify to what I have heard from close ones!

We drove here from London which took about 2 hours so it was relatively close (anything beats traveling North all the way up to Edinburgh which you’ll see in the next post).


Brighton has a pebble beach which is very close to the infamous Brighton Pier. It was my first time on a pebble beach actually which come to think of it – is really bizarre but I very rarely go to any beaches at all.

My relatives found it particularly amazing as they have never seen such beautiful pebbles before, never mind a pebble beach!


We picked the perfect day to go, or rather – we were very lucky in having good weather follow us wherever we traveled to. It was particularly hot – something that we did not anticipate so our attire wasn’t the most appropriate but not bad.

The sky at one point, was super blue.


If I lived in Brighton, I would most likely go to the beach once or twice a week and people-watch, look at the sky and listen to the waves. What a wonderful feeling~


You can say that Brighton was a shock-discovery to me because I don’t think of the seaside at all, when I think of the UK. I also don’t expect for a British seaside to be so pretty but I was so wrong.

We walked all along the beach, and onto Brighton Pier. We also sat on the pebble beach at one point which is convenient as you definitely will not get sandy clothes! Of course, cornish ice-cream was a must for such a hot day!


Shortly after lunch, we walked towards a venue that is quite close to the city centre, which we had noticed on our car journey here. The above is the Royal Pavilion. Isn’t it quite something? We did not actually go inside but we noticed quite a few people walking along the balcony which was cool.

We then sat on the green grass nearby, along with many others who were just relaxing, sunbathing and chatting away.

And I, in my usual fashion, looked to the sky and took some pictures.


Next, I will be concluding this series in Edinburgh!
Have you been traveling recently? Please share your travel diary with me in the comments below, or simply like my post ~ I’d love to know!

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