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Identity | Textiles/Embroidery Project


Foundation Diploma in Art & Design Final Major Project (2011)

Majored in Textiles/Fashion. Final grade: Distinction.
Chosen theme ‘Identity’ that sought out to explore the definition of my identity which I largely alluded to my childhood. In particular, my fondest memories told in photographs that are later sampled into illustrative embroideries of various colours, textures and techniques. This later developed into a specialist project concerning maternity wear, whereby my memories – happy memories, are used as a blessing for the mother and her child. Similarly, this could work for childrenswear or other materials.

Through this project, I harnessed the creativity of embroidery through self-teach and trial and error. This moment was pivotal in becoming my first real step in learning how to ‘sew’ and control a sewing machine effectively. As such, the project holds much importance in my series of work.

Use as Reference Only.


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