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June Travel Story: 2nd stop > London

If you haven’t already seen, my June Travel Story started in Oxford where I visited the city centre and the Oxford University Botanical Gardens.

This post documents my next stop: London. A typical choice if you are to visit the UK but not an irrational one.

We were in London for 3 days, however the last day, we used it to head down to Brighton seeing as we were able to fit a lot of places and tourist hotspots in the first two days. That will be covered in the next post.

But for now, let’s bring our focus back on London!


Green Park was one of the first places that we went to visit.

I can’t say it was my very first time going there but to look at it as objectively as I did – possibly yes. Green Park is exactly what the name suggests. If ever, you need to get away from all the stresses in the world, I think this is where you need to be.

Prior to this, we went through St. James Park in order to get to Buckingham Palace. We must have went on a special day at a special time, since there were floods of people surrounding the palace at which point, I could not see anything or take a decent picture of the hotspot with family. Before we knew it, an early afternoon salute started with horses, drumming, soldiers and trombones. It was quite something – that I don’t think there would be anything else to top the Britishness of it all. DSC_0039DSC_0042

Isn’t it stunning?

The flowers were also out of this world too. Small in size but mighty in multiplicity. Whoever planted the seed, buried the soil and watered the plants did a very good job!

After our refreshing walk, it was time to embrace British architecture – particularly of that that shapes London as it is today. We are talking centuries of history.


Parliament SquareDSC_0059

Westminster Abbey

This incredible building was perhaps one of my highlights of that day. The detail is second to none. DSC_0061DSC_0062

Now, I shall introduce to you a venue that I have never visited before ever – Tower of London. If I’m completely honest, I am less fussed on castles and historic grounds so I feel that this venue didn’t add anything particular to my trip. I typically have  more preference towards larger architectural hotspots and this wasn’t it however, it is very close to the riverbank so it’s worth the walk! The scenery is beautiful, and you’re able to oversee the Tower of London bridge too.


Tower of London


My last venue should come as no surprise at all. We pre-booked the tickets online especially since there was 7 of us in total which came out to be a whole lot cheaper than if we were to buy the tickets in-person, on the spot. I am of course, talking about the London Eye.

-Likewise, I apologise if some of the images are not of crisp, high quality. I took all photos on a 3-year-old camera phone which has since been replaced.


These are some of the views that you can see from the London Eye as you ascend. Whilst it is lovely to see Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and other great architectures up close, sometimes the crowds of people or annoyingly an obstacle (e.g. a post) can be in the way of an open-view photograph. The 360 degree spectacle is a must-visit especially if it’s your first time in London city!


I originally booked the tickets for the very last time slot which is 9.30pm however, we were done with our schedule by 7pm, including our evening dinner. By this point, it made sense to go to the London Eye earlier than planned, whilst my 7-year-old niece was still active.

I have no idea why it was a good idea to book such a late slot but we managed to go an hour earlier! I’m glad we did as the journey back to the hotel was super long that night however we slept EXTREMELY well.


I actually have many more photographs but I’ll save them for a part 2 🙂

Did you travel anywhere this summer? Or maybe it’s not summer anymore but you traveled anyway? Leave a comment below if you have a travel diary~

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