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June Travel Story: 2nd stop > London pt.2

If you missed my previous posts within this Travel Series, see below:

I split London into two posts whereby this is the second segment, and follows the aftermath of the London Eye.


A beautiful sky! If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, then you may not know that I’m actually quite obsessed with skies and the vast variety that is possible with them. They always make me feel invincible, like I can do absolutely anything in the world.


And how can we not talk about the colours right? The sky is my favourite ombre.


When paired with the London Eye, the night ended on a particularly high note. It brings me joy to be able to find the perfect shot, and show it to everyone.

Next time I return on the London Eye, I hope to see a nighttime view with the city lights reflecting back at me.


My next post will follow me to Brighton! Unfortunately, I am currently away from home as my bathroom is getting completely revamped which means I don’t have access to a lot of materials (all images are on my old phone which are not all on Google Photos). However, I am still looking to finish my Travel Series in the latter half of this upcoming month.

Meanwhile, I have other planned posts, and not to forget, Fashion Week is coming up soon too which I am very excited for!

Have you been traveling recently? Do you have a travel diary? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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