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June Travel Story: 1st stop > Oxford

This is such a late post, guys!
So…it’s no longer in the moment – way past that actually, as you may have guessed by the title. But I am still going to share this anyways. Memorabilia!

In the first two weeks of June, I went on a road trip around the UK with my family in a rented 7-seater. We had some relatives visiting the UK for the first time, and even as UK residents ourselves, we have only been to the obvious places of the country but had never truly traveled it (like tourists) for longer than a weekend. This was something different to us and not just for my visiting family.

This was our travel route:

Cardiff (home) > Oxford > London > [Brighton for a day] > Edinburgh > Lake District > Home

First stop was Oxford!

We were only in Oxford for a good few hours before we headed to a Designer Shopping Village in Bicester. The fascination with Oxford mainly comes from its renowned university which my relatives wanted to explore – it’s actually quite the tourist hotspot I discovered….and as it turns out, the fascination with Oxford is no myth. It is really beautiful and as English as it gets.


Come to think of it, UK has some magnificent buildings that have lasted for centuries and this is part of what’s embedded into British culture.


And as you will see, there are many bikes parked around in the photos. A lot of Brits bike anyways, but it seemed particularly common in Oxford. I also got the sense that the people here (in Oxford) are very well-mannered and shall I say…posh? We asked for directions to the Oxford University Botanical Gardens (below) and a young man was kind enough to guide us without hesitation.


I am actually not traditionally into nature or flowers but my recent adventure into Photography (thanks to Instagram) has proved otherwise. I think it was about £5 entry per person which is reasonable. It was possibly my first time in such an English garden setting and the flowers – particularly those inside the greenhouse were stunning!


(I can picture myself gardening when I eventually decide to retire one day…is that weird?)


Here are some close-up shots of what I found to be super interesting… (some of which that I have long shared on Instagram!)

-By the way, I realise that not all my photos are of crisp, high quality since I took all photos on a 3-year-old camera phone that has since been replaced. Nevertheless, I think I caught the essence of Oxford.


Do you know what I love about nature?

It never fails to stop surprising me.



Oxford also has some really cute houses. I suppose that’s not really a statement to make – there are cute houses in every city/town if you look hard enough but on this particular street, there were big pastel-coloured, terraced houses that were both traditional and modern. Lovely!

And this is how we ended back to the car, onto our next destination. DSC_0036DSC_0037_1

So that sums up my mere four hours in Oxford (not including the Designer Village in Bicester). My next travel story will be on London so keep watch 🙂 Have you been traveling recently?

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    • Me neither! They also had a lot of Tudor houses too, even on the high street above chains like Subway which I thought was cool.

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