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How to Travel Comfortably in Style

Traveling: (my definition) – Going from place to place and generally being outdoors and on-foot most of the time, which calls for long days out (12 hours+) in unfamiliar settings away from home.


Image Credit: lacooletchic via Pinterest

Let’s be real: There is no other place quite like home when it comes to being comfortable. But as it happens, you cannot carry everything with you. So what exactly do you pack that’s practical, without eliminating your style?

I have traveled many times, and learned from my mistakes growing up. Now as a fully-grown adult, I still make some mistakes, but I like to think that I have improved immensely, and can get from A to B without looking too crazy when miles away from home.

This is my fool-proof guide to comfort in style.

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Appropriate Footwear


Image Credit: thesartorialist via Pinterest

But who is going to look at your feet/footwear right? Possibly no one. Possibly not many people. Possibly everyone if you choose the right footwear…or the wrong footwear. The difference being only you will feel what’s on your feet, and if it’s not right, blisters will take over your travel. (Once you start bleeding and limping, maybe that’s when you will attract some attention…)

A lot of the time when holiday wear is being sold whether through marketing or retail, there’s a lot of emphasis on flip-flops and sandals, and next to nothing on the rest. I suppose when most think of a holiday, ‘sun and beach’ comes to mind. But did I mention that I walk a lot during my holidays? I got back from mine quite recently, and on one of the days, I had walked over 10,000 steps. So a pair of flip-flops are just not going to cut it.

It’s also very easy to buy new everything for your holiday, but I actually advise to wear a piece of footwear that you know is 110% comfortable, and feel as great at the beginning of the day as it does at the end. Think ‘air-cushion’. Given the amazing technology today, many sneakers cater to being lightweight and breathable so your feet will not suffocate!

For reference, I adore my New Balance 635 sneakers, which have been with me on two holidays. Without them, I think my feet would have bled and broke. They’re not the most fashionable but they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. 

Understand that Practicality = Movement


Image Credit: Issey Miyake via Pinterest

I guess this somewhat goes with the previous point, but more specifically, I am talking about clothing. There are two things that you should consider.

Firstly, if you are traveling a lot anyway, naturally your body temperature will be (really) warm so you may want to consider how to organise your layers, and the thickness of those layers as well as the weight. Do you really need all those layers or can your warm body temperature compensate? You want to keep your body temperature consistent whilst still feeling comfortable skin-wise. No one wants to sweat profusely or catch a cold!

Next, you will want to consider the fit of your outfits, and I don’t just mean it in the general sense either. Think Fashion terms. Skinny fit, super skinny fit, boyfriend fit, loose fit, regular fit and many more. These will also differ according to textile but make sure your movement is not prohibited by having too tight of a fit, especially in extremely warm weather. (Besides, I find that my body likes to expand in extreme heat.) True, you’re not going hiking but you still need room for your skin to breathe.


Feeling Good in Your Own Skin


Good Skin is Never Out Of Style

This is almost more important than what you wear on your body. We are talking about what you are wearing on your skin, to protect it, and withstand heat and humidity, sweat, potential dryness and vice versa.

As someone who has always had skin problems i.e. eczema, I am perhaps a bit more sensitive to how my skin will react in an unknown environment. Then, there’s the fact that I have combination/oily skin, which now thinking about it, is on the opposite spectrum of eczema, and other extremely dry skin conditions.

These are some of my favourite products that I have been loving, and which really keep my problems at bay: 


If you look after your skin, naturally you’ll be glowing and feeling good in your own skin.

Remember: what you wear on your body is a direct relationship to your skin whether you choose to show some of it off in a classic vest top when it’s humid or in a cosy sweater when it’s cold.

Once you really start understanding comfort between your skin and your clothes, your own style and confidence will start to come through, and gel together like bread and butter. Everything that you select for your skin and body should work with it, not against it.

Good Luck.


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