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Play: How I Use #Colour in My #Wardrobe (and some hand-picked options!)

Colour is absolutely fundamental to my fashion wardrobe, my design mentality and visual inspirations. It is the first thing I notice when I go shopping, very shortly followed by texture and feel. I always think about colour/fabric palettes, and how well one goes with the other even when unconsciously dressing oneself in the morning. My mind is able to make an instinctive decision somehow, when it comes to wear. There is always at least one pop of colour and so below are ways to incorporate different quantities of colour in as little as a lipstick or as much as a coat. Dare to try I say, you only live once.


(L-R) Yellow Knit: H&M, Red Bucket Bag: TK Maxx, Long Yellow Purse: Kate Spade, Patchwork Jeans: Pull&Bear


(L-R) DIOR Lip Glow in Pink, MAC Lipsticks in ‘Brave’ and ‘Patisserie’, Essie Nail Colours in ‘Ballet Slippers’, ‘Spin the Bottle’ and ‘Mint Candy Apple’


(L-R) Gray-blue Toned Stretch Skinny Jean: H&M, Gray Stretch Skinny Jean: H&M, Distressed MOM Jean: Hollister, Patchwork Jean: Pull&Bear, Black High-Waist Skinny Jean: Miss Selfridge


Tip: If you are unsure of your outfit’s colour palette, then layout your outfit on a table and photograph it. 

The Statement Sweater

One bold colour can change up a look easy. Wearable doesn’t have to be boring and fun doesn’t have to be unwearable.

A yellow statement knit was my last real colour purchase (actually, around the same time that I bought my Kate Spade wallet – see above). Yellow can be a really daunting colour to wear because it’s so bright and well…I guess no one wants to look like the sun. But the key here is what items – and more specifically, what colours, you will pair with it.

I have to admit, it was incredibly fun, yet still very wearable to wear this knit because I found a perfect balance within my wardrobe to fit it into my everyday life. Statement pieces don’t necessarily have to be prints or bright colours either – neutrals can work just as well if the texture is extra special!


The Colour Accessory

I have two main colour accessories that I am currently using this Spring.

One: a red bucket-shaped rucksack and two: a Kate Spade bright yellow long purse. I have had so many compliments about both accessories since applying them in my permanent wardrobe. What’s great about these items is that it adds a bit of fun to my daily wardrobe, even if I dress a bit casual which means that my ‘style persona’ is never compromised! (Note how I’ve mentioned ‘fun’ twice so far in this post.)

I hand-picked some options too (shown below) which is a dangerous decision to make because I like them all!

Can’t you tell that I’m slightly obsessed with Kate Spade? Appliqué at its best.

 L- Zara Contrast Crossbody Bag – £29.99: Whimsical and young,
 R – Calvin Klein Leather Across Body Bag -£135: everyday appropriate


L- The Cambridge Satchel Company Leather Push-lock bag – £75: pretty and lady-like enough for special occasions,
R – Coach Tea Rose Appliqué Dinky Crossbody in Leather – £575: Individual stand-out piece

Below – 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix flap mini crossbody – $895: adds that perfect ‘pop of colour’ to your outfit. AP16-A050NPP-CHERRY_0--IMG_2000--Alixflapminicrossbody-122810926

The Nail Polish

I have to admit, I am least dedicated to my nails. They are like an on-again, off-again affair. But when I do tend to them, I think ‘why don’t I do this more often?’, and then I remember why. Time. And chipping.

My latest go-to colours are all from Essie, and are very everyday-chic appropriate. I actually bought two nail duos in one go which I’d definitely  recommend if you’re completely new to Essie.

My current favourite is ‘ballet slippers’ which am sure, will never go out of style. The shade goes with everything and is low-maintenance despite not feeling that way at all.


Picture taken from

‘Ballet slippers’ is described as a ‘pale pink with sheer finish’. It is also featured in the nail duo, ‘In the Mood for Nude’ with beige shade, ‘spin the bottle’.

Brands don’t always get nudes right, particularly of this colour/tone. This is the perfect semi-sheer formula that looks stunningly chic after two coats! I especially recommend this if you have been unsuccessful in applying white nail polish.

The Statement Shoe (or in my case, sneakers)

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I seldom wear flats or shoes because my feet can be sensitive. Bad experiences have caused bad blisters. Not so fun. I will eventually be convinced to wear flats once I find a good pair, but for now, I’m dedicated to sneakers.

Just remember: Good shoes takes you to good places in life.

Perhaps a bit ‘boring’ by now, but I do want a pair of New Balance. I find that they are the perfect medium between comfort, fashion and colour without being OTT or understated. Alongside are classic white choices or more daring ones if you’re feeling that way.

Clean choices that are perfect for all-year-round. These are ‘everyday choices’.
More daring choices (below) 
when you’re feeling extra cool and rock ‘n’ roll. 

L – Converse Oil Slick Leather – £65: Iridescent effect, One-of-a-kind,
R – Steve Madden Emmmaa-S Sneakers – $89.95: Quirky punk girl lit up 

The Outerwear

The #1 thing that I look forward to in the Winter is a good coat which I am guaranteed to wear about 90% of the time when it is cold and windy outside. Even before we reach September, I will think about what my staple coat will be and what style to embrace this time! (Yes, I am that sad.) Outerwear pieces for me…are the pieces that make the whole look ‘put-together’.

The UK isn’t blessed with consistent weather at all so I am particularly picky when it comes to choosing outerwear. What’s the material? How well will it cope under wind and rain? Thickness and length?  Is it durable for a few years?

I think out of my whole outfit, I am more willing to spend a little extra on a great piece of outerwear after all once you wear one, that’s about 50% if not more, of your outfit. The piece that will be on show all the time despite what you’re wearing underneath. It’s the ultimate statement piece that is somewhat least interchangeable in the wardrobe, so a neutral shade is always a good choice, with colour as your accent points. Although, you can always save more bold choices for special occasions. (Fashion has no rules.)

My next endeavour is likely to be a shearling jacket which shockingly, I have never owned before. 

Colour options as below work best with tonal palettes within the same category (warm/neutral/warm tone) or as statement pieces.

If colour is NOT your sensibility, try a neutral one-shade outfit with texture and silhouette as the focal point. (I have yet to try this method!)

The Lipstick

Okay, I know I said wardrobe. But if you are wearing lipstick every day or every other day, it might as well be part of it. If your daily wardrobe is looking very anti-bright/anti-colour (meaning that you only wear neutrals) then  a solid lipstick will be your best friend. My current go-tos are MAC’s Brave and Patisserie, and DIOR’s Lip Glow. If I’m feeling even more brave (excuse the pun), then I will opt for a brighter shade although ironically this is very rare.

Selection of Jeans: Tones, Styles, Fit

A good pair of jeans are imperative to any wardrobe. And whilst there are thousands to choose from, the fit will guide the end result. I know this post is colour-orientated but without a good fit, the colour will not work to its full advantage either. I used to own only light-blue coloured jeans like the girl-next-door but have since discovered navys, greys, blacks and more. Bottoms should in most cases, be the most harmonious part of the wardrobe – they should go with everything.

So now you see, there are plenty of ways to use colour within your own style, in lesser than less amounts or in more amounts than can be imagined. What kind of colourist are you?

Note: Images of brand products belong to the brands themselves, intended for example use. 
Other images sourced on Pinterest whilst the remainder is taken by myself as insight into my own personal style. 

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