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Some things in life are for free.

It has been an unusual month of events for June – so many feelings that are both positive and negative. The negatives come from a wider socio-economic problem that the whole of UK is dealing with as of now (Brexit) however, the positives definitely stretch from a more personal viewpoint that I’m happy to share and enlighten you all with!

The first two weeks of June I had been away. Traveling. Hence, much less involvement in blogging but I hope to schedule much more posts in the next few weeks to follow.

If you ask my friends, I practically NEVER take time off and so every time that I actually do, it really is something special. Unfortunately though, I am one of those people who don’t know when and how to take time off, but occasionally will be asked by my friends to do so. And then, once a day or two goes by, I remember exactly why I take time off. To feel the way I do when I do so. To feel free.

Sometimes one must ask oneself: What are we all so stressed about?

I had relatives come over from abroad for two weeks, and so we took them traveling around the UK, via a rented family car, which personally was my first ever road trip experience.

This was our scheduled journey:

Cardiff (home) > Oxford > London (One day in Brighton)  > Edinburgh > Lake District > Cardiff

As someone who has always lived in the UK – to actually experience it otherwise was rather refreshing. It then struck me that there is so much to see , to do and to take in at arm’s length that we almost, everyday, take it for granted. Somehow, the places that are at least an ocean away seem more appealing, and despite given the globalisation of many things, every city has its own culture that cannot be duplicated. You really have to be there to feel it. It’s these things that are for free. And the people who we spend it with, that make it worthwhile and free.

Perhaps, it sounds like I am only using the word ‘free’ in the sense of freedom, but believe me, I also mean it in its costless form. Not everything is about money!

I’ll hopefully post some photos in the next few weeks about the journey, but for now, you can visit my Instagram if interested! 🙂

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