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PUZZLE | Gerber and Production Sheets, Process


hoiyinli Costing Sheet1hoiyinli puzzle design spec

hoiyinli puzzle gerber 1hoiyinli puzzle gerber 2

hoiyinli Costing Sheet3

hoiyinli puzzle design spec3

hoiyinli puzzle gerber 3hoiyinli puzzle gerber 4

hoiyinli puzzle gerber 5hoiyinli puzzle gerber 6

hoiyinli Costing Sheet2

hoiyinli puzzle design spec2

Costing Sheets and Specification Sheets as part of Gerber Module during Final Collection at University. All technical drawings completed via Adobe Illustrator, and are 100% original designs from my collection, dealing with drape lines, intricate details and above all, three-dimensional products.

Some products were cut via Gerber Accumark software whilst others were manually cut first before being digitised, amended and plotted. My Graduate Collection predominantly deals with the ‘Puzzle’, its definitions and how this can be translated into garment design.

As evident, I am confident in my skill to illustrate these garments and communicate them as best as possible to an otherwise stranger. I set myself a high standard to make such information viewable and extremely informative.

Please do not remove content and claim as your own. Use as Reference Only.

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