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Love: My Favourite Cuts ✂️ from #MFW Fall RTW 2016 part 1

You can always count on Milan Fashion Week for a history lesson in Fashion and Dress. What I love about the Milanese (and other fellow Italian) brands and fashion houses is that they keep tradition alive, which appears to be something so rare today in the instantaneity of Instagram and such. Sure, in Fashion, we are always re-creating looks so how can it ever be tradition? Some of these brands will make you re-think again.


I am more familiar with the Menswear side of DSquared² as opposed to the Womenswear, but great – as this presents an opportunity to know more about them overall. DSquared² to me, embodies the new era of tailoring that’s modern, sleek, but doesn’t lose out on youth, on creativity. If you ever wondered what it would be like to mash-up  Samurai, Victoriana and Military, DSquared² has the answer for you.

There are collections that I have seen and thought, ‘that is the woman that I want to grow into, the woman that I want to become’, and then there is this collection that I just want to wear. Right now.

There were boyish silhouettes that was nothing short of cool.

With three different elements, each look really had to count and I felt DSquared² did just that – each reference was more or less equal and had its own story to tell. They also played well to the balance and proportions, with the waist acting as a central, balance point whether at low waist or actual waist.

I’d be sure to look out for DSquared² again next season. Their fabric combinations and re-styling of denim and tailoring are interesting and fresh!


Missoni, the Queen of Knitwear, Colour and Stripes (or variations of). In a market of its own, Missoni have a knack for exploring new colour ways, yarns and patterns season after season without getting repetitive.

How does Missoni achieve just that?

Well, Angela Missoni says she never looks back, and neither should we. (Except for maybe some of these glorious looks to keep us warm in an otherwise, still chilly Spring).

Dolce & Gabbana

Ninety-five looks.

Ninety-five looks! That’s at least double the amount of looks of the average sized collection. Naturally, I did not love every single look but I felt compelled to place this in my favourite cuts because it told a story, and it told it well. If you ever wondered what it’d be like to have Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, hints of Prince Charming and toy soldier and Snow White, the answer is with Dolce and Gabbana.

In some ways, pursuing such a theme could’ve easily resulted into a collection that became gimmicky, costume-y but there were a few Fashion moments that were wacky and whimsical, elements that the youth are sure to take into their wardrobe.

Wide-spaced, large stitching was also evident throughout the collection, adding a playful approach to the clothes. These were clothes that featured big elements – the large floral print, a wind-me toy soldier, more florals but as appliqués.

Long gone were the days when Cinderella, Snow White and alike were frivolous and shy. We’re in a new age now where women are strong, independent – and this is a story to re-write for sure, and embrace now.

Stayed tuned for my #MFW part 2.

Note: All images courtesy of via Style, Vogue and BoF

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