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Love: My Favourite Cuts ✂️ from #NYFW Fall RTW 2016 part 3

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2 of my favourite #NYFW cuts.

To really get the benefit of the garments and the images, it’s best to refer to the actual image file and zoom in.

Victoria Beckham

Checks are here to stay in Fall for VB (they were present in her last collection too). Speaking of Fall, which is next season, I realised that I kept saying this season in my last two posts although with the See-Now-Buy-Now proposal, who knows, maybe it will become a phrase more relevant than ever.

Victoria Beckham has been rising in my good books for the last few years and it’s easy to see why. In short, she is the epitome of the 21st Century American Dream: a mother, a wife, a family woman, charity supporter and a business woman – what else is this woman capable of? A lot I tell you, a lot. For one thing, she is still keeping it real after years of designing, offering easy-to-wear solutions.

This time, a softer approach was entailed into the tailoring and strapless bodices. Such bodices were deboned and ultimately made the looks more easy on the eye, thus more easy to wear. It was an intelligent collection that let the fabrics do the talking – after all it seemed to be the driving force. It would be a lie to say designers do not (in some way) design for themselves,  because Victoria was definitely designing after herself and her style. Who is Victoria? She is a woman’s woman.

Dion Lee

The cut is the main concern of this Series of Posts, and whilst I’ve placed my favourite cuts of the season in no particular order – I like to think that I left the best for the last. Or at least the most relevant without the concern for prints, trimmings, detail stitching and so forth.

Whenever I think about Dion Lee, pattern-cutting springs to mind. And of that, I am always in awe. I get the real sense that attention is fully on the garments – the shaping, the fabric choice, the cutting and the overall silhouette. Want to know a secret further? These are no easy tasks. Dion Lee proved a point in his intelligence with the use of a metal hoop embedded in such a way that was either ornamental or somewhat functional to the detailing of the garments. There was an abstract play on tension – areas that offered more volume whilst other areas, notably the waist, was tucked in slim and fit. Sculptural tailoring with a dab of sportswear luxe at its best.

…And that’s a wrap! #LFW to follow next.

What have been your Fashion Week highlights?

Note: All images courtesy of via Style, Vogue and BoF

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