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New features + What to expect

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to post visual and verbal content but it was a case of how to organise everything on the homepage to accommodate for such content. For that – I needed a theme which I have to say – is definitely not an overnight choice. I was incredibly fickle. Finally I purchased a theme decidedly which I am 100% satisfied with so thanks Elmastudio – it’s so easy and beautiful to use!

One of the newest features is undoubtedly my digital portfolio which was always part of the plan. It felt like forever to actually find a theme that could work with this and written content since I didn’t want to sacrifice one for the other at all. The featured post slider particularly is my favourite – big visuals clearly mean everything to me. I will be adding more to my portfolio later this month, and generally as an on-going pursuit.

You may have noticed the sub-heading ‘Fashion: Talk, Play, Love’ which I almost immediately included once I had an idea of how to include writing about Fashion onto the blog shortly after purchasing the theme. It is in co-ordination with how I will post in the future, divided into categories (or sub-categories even).

Fashion Talk: Discussion of the latest topics raised in Fashion, that may relate to branding, business, sustainability, technology etc. From my perspective.

Fashion Play: The experimental part, that may take in the form of how I’ve been dressing, pattern cutting techniques, fabric manipulation. Play – exactly what the word suggests!

Fashion Love: My favourite looks from on and off the runway or simply just favourite items that I think are worthy of some attention, not necessarily due to aesthetic but also craftsmanship. Appreciation!

There may also be an ‘inspiration‘ section but at present, I want to focus on the Talk, Play, Love side first and establish that foundation. 🙂

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