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Blogging to make a difference

Can you even believe it? It’s March already.

Unfortunately, I am a bit sick so I am sorry if I end up not making much sense! The winter decided to stay for another month it seems.

As promised, I said I would explain about the new set-up of the website this week. As a Creative, I always keep my eyes pressed and ears open for anything that might inspire me or ground me as the designer that I want to be. The last part of that sentence, I say loosely and lightly since I think we’re in this era now where we’re constantly in a ‘stage of becoming’. Progress. But sometimes, such progress and process is the best without the control that we like to garner because it allows for that creative freedom of speech, and that to me, is beautiful. Part of that experience particularly, I want to lend itself into blogging and displaying my digital portfolio since I always think it’s such a shame to do so much working progress to then close the book on it.

People are getting afraid of technology because it is evolving so quickly and I guess we’re scared that we may be escaping too far away from humanity. Letting it run so far in with no real destination because again, it’s in a ‘stage of becoming’ too. There is no end. As that evolves though, so should we – the only question is how? 

For a while, I didn’t know what to blog or write – whichever way you want to look at it. Luckily for me though, I have friends who want to make it just as badly in the Creative Industry. One day, she said to me, “well, why don’t you write about Fashion?” which seriously, what took me so long? It’s what I studied after all. And the one defining answer that I can really give is, I was wary of the result and/or the prejudices that the subject might face. Although ironically, that is exactly why I want to write about fashion – to fight against these interpretations. As for the blogging side of things or just anything technological, I want to defy some of the preconceptions that my generation faces today. Namely some of the stigma that is developing in engaging with the internet/technology and thus, being ‘unsocial’, and not really ‘talking’, though of course, that is a whole other argument.

And whilst, there are those who binge on the internet and technology unhealthily, without  immersing themselves into reality – there are those of us who blog, write and talk about issues which otherwise wouldn’t be discussed. Being a not-so-verbal kid growing up, but now reading so much fiction, and online articles fashion and non-fashion related has somewhat curbed my interest to really speak out my innermost thoughts, feelings. A voice. So here I am, putting some humanity back into technology through progressive verbal and visual sharing.





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