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To Find My Own

It seems very long overdue since writing an actual blog post. In a common place, it would seem appropriate to apologise  for this hiatus except I wouldn’t know for what exactly, or to who. But what I do know is that I wanted to take a break away from forcing myself to write and to think really strategically, what I wanted to offer in terms of writing and creating content on this website – visual or verbal.

The general idea seems easy – I mean, how hard can it be to share a thought to the internet? But fellow bloggers and creatives will know this especially: the behind-the-scenes is a long process of drafting, editing and preparation. It is not glamorous at all. Yet everyone who is creating content and becoming an artist in their own right goes through what I like to think of as the ‘renaissance’ stage or rebirth to find themselves. To find their own. You can compare this to a singer who takes say – two years to make an album comeback. Content with depth, rhythm and imagination and not something regurgitated and spat out. That is the content that I am aiming for.

So here I am, with an entirely new theme and set-up, the whole website completely revamped – finding my own. The homepage especially is one that I am proud of. In some ways, it is still not 100% there but it is really just a progress thing that will come in time with the upcoming content that I have in mind.

I’ll explain more next week but until then, stay tuned, and happy weekend! 💜

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Fashion Design Graduate of UCA Rochester now working in Communications. I love to create and make art, bring ideas to life, write and read.

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