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REISS | Structuring the Organic


hoiyinli REISS mood

hoiyinli Reiss Colour

hoiyinli Reiss research 3

hoiyinli Reiss Silhouette


hoiyinli Reiss research 4

hoiyinli Reiss research

hoiyinli Reiss Research 2

hoiyinli Reiss research 6

hoiyinli Reiss research 5

hoiyinli Reiss research 7

hoiyinli Reiss Line Up

hoiyinli Final Reiss Range Plan1

hoiyinli Costing Sheet

hoiyinli Production Order Form

hoiyinli Design Measurement Spec

Live University Group Project for British fashion brand Reiss from concept/inspiration to product realisation.

“Structuring the Organic” begins with Claude Monet’s Water Lilies series at the Musée de l’Orangerie, and its wide contrasting setting. This juxtaposition of nature and clean architecture creates an unique interface for the Reiss Woman to explore textures and colour in a more sophisticated way.  As a group, we utilised the use of print, design detail and fabric to translate our inspirations whilst still having the customer in mind.

Disclaimer: Please do not remove content and claim as your own, use as reference only.


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