Month: February 2016

To Find My Own

It seems very long overdue since writing an actual blog post. In a common place, it would seem appropriate to apologise  for this hiatus except I wouldn’t know for what exactly, or to who. But what I do know is that I wanted to take a break away from forcing myself to write and to think really strategically, what I wanted to offer in terms of writing and creating content on this website – visual or verbal. The general idea seems easy – I mean, how hard can it be to share a thought to the internet? But fellow bloggers and creatives will know this especially: the behind-the-scenes is a long process of drafting, editing and preparation. It is not glamorous at all. Yet everyone who is creating content and becoming an artist in their own right goes through what I like to think of as the ‘renaissance’ stage or rebirth to find themselves. To find their own. You can compare this to a singer who takes say – two years to make an album comeback. …

REISS | Structuring the Organic

  Live University Group Project for British fashion brand Reiss from concept/inspiration to product realisation. “Structuring the Organic” begins with Claude Monet’s Water Lilies series at the Musée de l’Orangerie, and its wide contrasting setting. This juxtaposition of nature and clean architecture creates an unique interface for the Reiss Woman to explore textures and colour in a more sophisticated way.  As a group, we utilised the use of print, design detail and fabric to translate our inspirations whilst still having the customer in mind. Disclaimer: Please do not remove content and claim as your own, use as reference only.

The High Street EDIT: Technical Drawings

  All technical drawings created and edited via Adobe Illustrator by myself. Please note, the designs are NOT mine, but belong to the company as per described, and are depicted for university/industry practice. In particular, to better understand each company/brand’s design aesthetic. Nevertheless, the drawings themselves are 100% my own – please do not remove content and claim as your own, use as reference only.

The High Street EDIT: Retail Report

  Retail Report as part of a project at University, to understand the high street and the competition that it faces. All image layout and design created using Adobe Photoshop. All written content 100% my own, in analysis of the company as per described through numerous store visits and online browsing (all quotes are otherwise referenced by said person/company in bold font). References: Mintel  |  Topshop  |  Warehouse  |  River Island  |  Zara