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Being the Only Creative in your Group of Friends

It’s a gloomy Monday, and needless to say, it rained. All day. Okay, maybe a little exaggeration but you get the picture. So nothing new there for British weather, as it’s meant to rain now for the rest of the week.

Anyways, how’s everyone? I hope well 🙂

Today’s post is very different to my usual posts (or at least what I have posted so far) but nonetheless, has always been relevant to my being. I am telling it like it is. How it was, and how it (sort of) still is. Just as the title describes.

I suppose it’s nothing new actually but I do feel that people never talk about it (i.e. like the elephant in the room). I think I have always been creative, although I was equally very good at school and did well academically. But most of this was on my own. Being creative I mean. I was always interested in crafty things, and just seeing how things worked, held together…the tricks of the trade. Maybe it was just a hobby at the beginning to be interested in Art and Design. When one day at high school, I had opened my mouth and said I wanted to “do Fashion”, my French teacher was appalled. I guess because she had really high hopes for me to do well “in an academic career” especially with my good grades. But I couldn’t care less and still to this day, I stand by the whole decision of taking up this path.

A-levels was when Art and Design really became an academic subject actually. Honestly, I think people underestimate Art although yes, there are some weird things that have been created, seemingly with no content. But the way I see it…it is worth knowing about the Art that does have content and fleshiness. On the contrary, does everything have to be so serious? Art to me is as much about play as it is about work. It can be personal, therapeutic and heart-felt which I think can be more beneficial traits for a great career than just wanting to be rich or do the job simply because it pays good money.

It has taught me to look at things in so many different ways and it’s not obvious but it’s a clever subject. It’s not what it is but how you use it that makes it Art. The way one can think and create from that idea is so powerful. And I always thought how amazing it’d be to have your passion as your job…that’s true happiness to me but first you need a strong mind – determination.

I spent hours staying during lunch break or after school for Art class during A-levels (I miss it, thinking about it now). I talked with classmates but did not “hang out” with them as such. My own actual friends who I made during this time couldn’t comprehend why I suddenly wasn’t coming to lunch either but I think they could also tell it mattered a lot to me. I was in a group of friends who were all taking up Science-related subjects and now that I think about it, I don’t know how we all became friends and started hanging out but we did. We talked a lot about things…except my subject, and I couldn’t really discuss their subject as much too. That’s when I knew…that being the only Creative in your group of friends was hard work.

Often, creativity is such a personal thing that it’s hard to tell people what your work is about unless they’re in that field, unless they “get” you. I guess that’s where Art as a whole can get misjudged. Because you can be clever in Maths and Science right, but not in Art? I beg to differ. Meeting people within that same pursuit was one of the best things that happened in my life. Perhaps quite late (when I was 18/19), and realising that I was suppressed for the longest time but it was incredible, finally I met people that liked Art and Design, loved it, got it, got me. Next thing, I was in Fashion School, and the love just kept growing. In fact, I still remember my first pattern-cutting lesson and I was in utter awe. How could people ever think Fashion Design was vain? It was anything but.

I am the only Creative in my close-knit group of friends. It’s hard work but it’s worth it. I live for those days.


  1. I can totally relate with you. Sometimes I feel like the “weird” one in my group of friends. They still love me for who I am, but I also wish to surround myself with like minded people. After being around on social media for a while, I learned that there is always a group of people who are will love you for you. You just gotta be patient and find them. 🙂 Stay warm and happy holidays. xoxo

  2. Awh! This feels like such an old post now, but really, thank you for commenting! It’s great to encounter like-minded people, refreshing even which is why I like the internet and social media. But again, thank you, it’s made my day 🙂 Happy holidays to you too! xoxo

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