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To New Beginnings!

It’s September again. I’ve actually missed Autumn. At the very least, I always feel that it’s way more promising than the “summer” we have here in the UK…but aside from that, I’ve missed it. I like being cosy, hot drinks and beanie hats. Although I will miss the long hours of daylight which made me feel like I had more time, something that I always think I don’t have enough of!

This month starting has already been productive enough. I say that like I am lazy but I am very temperamental in that I really like to do things in a flow of positive energy. Most recently? My energy levels are flowing alright. My brain likes to run at 100mph and ideas are springing from the most bizarre of places. It’s interesting how I feel dictates the work I end up creating. Last winter, was a rather sluggish one…I worked but it took much more effort to get things going, but unfortunately, even in situations like those, you have to make-do.

It is actually around 1am now and I couldn’t tell you enough how non-sleepy I am right now…and that I (almost) live for late nights, calmness and creativity. So yeah…watch this space? I am hoping to upload my portfolio by the end of the month (a self deadline I had set for myself…all in good time).

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Fashion Design Graduate of UCA Rochester now working in Communications. I love to create and make art, bring ideas to life, write and read.

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