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“I will do it tomorrow”

I am sure that the title sounds almighty familiar. It is also the very definition of procrastination.

A few posts ago, I had talked about the book (and film) American Psycho written by Brett Easton Ellis and one particular theme: Emptiness (which can be found here). I don’t know why but I love dark themes and have really been getting into them lately. Yesterday, I also watched Nightcrawler, which by the way, is an AMAZING film.

So, as like my recent posts, I’ll tell you a story (sort of).

I bought an academic diary at the beginning of July. Strangely enough, the diary corresponded to the next week – it was like it was meant to be. And then, I had an epiphany. I realised it had been a year or almost a year since I had wrote in such diary and planned my days here and there like I had almost always done whilst in education. I forgot how good it felt to tick things off the list and to get something done because it was done.


Because then, the phrase “I will do it tomorrow” will no longer be sarcastic gibberish and a blatant lie. It would actually suffice and become, “Today, I have to do this and that” since penning it down (with the exception of moving things around and so forth, of course) would make me naturally manage my time.

Arguably, “I will do it tomorrow” are just words – how could that ever affect what you do (or don’t do)? Except it does because you do something other than doing what you said you would or should. It affects everything you do. It’s an excuse, that recycles your plans back to square one. That diary? It should be a book of accomplishments – tick, tick, scribble, tick, tick. Those positive vibes and confidence will somehow naturally pull out and align your mind. Whereas the emptiness becomes bigger when things are not getting done.

….and do you know what’s worse than this phrase?

“I have no choice”

Everyone has a choice. If you’re not “doing” tomorrow then, you might need to ask yourself what you are doing today (that weirdly, you might have said you would yesterday)?

Hey, how are you?

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