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What They Never Taught You

I have been meaning to talk about the below video for some time now. Since its release, I’ve actually viewed the recorded piece over ten times. It went perfectly with what I had wanted to talk about for a long, long time, but I didn’t quite know how to express these thoughts. Of course, am more than glad that there are others who share similar thoughts to me.

Since starting this blog, I knew I wanted to write things that were meaningful, thought-provoking, brave and graceful – but how does one share this slice of cake to the internet? I don’t remember another time where I took so long to draft a piece but hopefully, this is it. (Otherwise, we could be here for a long time).

Normally, writing can come quite fluidly to me but this time has proven difficult. How does one communicate a thought, an idea in exactly the way they are thinking it, picturing it? Being misunderstood or misinterpreted isn’t quite part of the plan – and that’s the problem. We think there’s a perfect way to interpret an idea or rather, a concrete plan for it. We are made to think we know what we are doing but no one has a clue – even when they say they do. We are asked from a young age what we want to be when we are older – seriously, who’s to say?? We think, we think, we think. We do, we do, we do. The hint is that those words are in the present tense , but even if it were in the future tense – there is no guarantee for anything! (Because there is no concrete path).


There are a few things I’ll take from the above video that I completely agree with:

  1. …but I’m good at making me laugh, so there’s that.

    Jenna’s mentality and the whole tonality of the video itself is very encouraging yet laid-back, adopting a “why so serious?” attitude whilst being completely open-minded to life, because we’re living it. And it is actually that simple. Yet, something as simple as making yourself laugh or laughing at your own jokes and mistakes can be overlooked. Why? I guess education as a primary platform to an occupation/career choice (life’s fundamental wheel) is quite a formal process which does not necessarily teach such traits. So naturally, you can be uptight but hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself, something is wrong and you need to let it go.

  2. …there is a difference between goals and standards and expectations.

    This rule if I can call it that should be taken with a pinch of salt. Those who don’t agree with the video may bear it too pessimistic to have LOW expectations when you’re setting HIGH goals because how can you ever reach your potential? Others may also deem it as too much of a cushion to fall back on, “That’s okay, I didn’t expect anything anyways”. Well, not really unless you get too comfortable and give up at life.

    I don’t think this rule necessarily applies to everything, but true story – I used to be that girl with HIGH standards, HIGH goals and HIGH expectations in education which can really backfire, and set yourself up for disappointment. But as truth knows it, disappointment becomes a lesson learned, so that the next time, you are less disappointed or may well be in for a surprise. So, be the magpie and keep trying, keep looking. Having low(-er) expectations frees  yourself from having to commit to a certain outcome or having to commit at all because life is not a concrete path. Don’t get me wrong – still commit everyday to the long-term goal, but be flexible within the process. If something didn’t work this time, surely you must know? Thus, your next expectation can be better estimated.

  3. …if you do X, you can get any other letter in the alphabet including X again.

    Perhaps my favourite line from the whole video. Mainly because everyone (I dare say everyone) uses the wrong equation at life. Hence, when the “answer” is wrong, and a life choice isn’t panning your way, you’re screwed because you didn’t take any precautions for an alternative “answer”. Already, disappointment is stirring in that equation. Rather, don’t use an equation because what you do will be much more than just doing x to reach your ultimate goal. Like point 2, be open-minded, be flexible. If you end up with X again then maybe you should do Y. Choices. Don’t forget that you have them.

    The most stupid thing you’ll hear is if you cannot choose. Because you so can.

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