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Finding inspiration from past comments

To be honest, I don’t really understand how one can accumulate so much clutter, but I happen to find something to clean out every few months. And it’s always a lot of paperwork/letters in an organised mess in one of my drawers. I keep a lot of things. For fear that one day, something will become of use (99% of it is pure trash but we’re always thankful for that 1% that has been kept due to some utter importance).

So what did I find, you ask?

I found past results sheets from university. And I know…somehow the word ‘university’ always creeps back into my blog posts, but it is one of the things that has served me well in life. I don’t know how often people read back on entries from the past such as a diary, a Facebook comment, a letter but even those mere 10-100 words hold some secret. Growth. Forgiveness. Nurture. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You were actually doing really well anyway, why the stress? (Aside with many, many other piercing thoughts).

Sure enough, those 10-100 words expressed a moment. Somewhat a moment of happiness in my life, (I really, really actually miss education), however, we shouldn’t dwell on the past as they say. Instead with the comment, I somehow feel like I’ve found a new light, a new angle in my life. Sometimes for whatever reason, we come out of education (or another event/time) without knowing what we really want. For a time I felt like I was in that daze, had I really made the right choices in my life? Reading upon positive comments from tutors, I know I have. Because if not for them, how could my skills and knowledge and hunger for growth have ever been encouraged?

Inspiration is finding the will to continue what you started, as well as to start something new. I’m endeavouring to do both…because it makes me happy and complete (the simplest of answers that I could ever give). 🙂

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