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The future of relationships

I was going to name this post “things I don’t really understand”, but there’s just TOO many things that I don’t understand. I have only begun thinking about this recently. It may or may not appeal to where you are right now, but hear me out for a moment. Because I feel that in this generation that we’re living in, a sense of family and companionship is being lost. So it becomes quite worrying actually, how the next generation will pan out.

In particular, I want to talk about the use of the term “partner” that is increasingly being used. Honestly, I dislike the term – the meaning is lacking and quite unromantic to me. It’s crazy even for me to describe it that way since my close friends know that I loathe public affection, because I grant the excess as, well, too much to handle in public really. I cringe at the sight of it…but that’s just me.

I asked two of my close friends what partner really means, and its distinction from wife or girlfriend. It’s basically somewhere in-between which sounds secure? Right? No contract, no vows (literally). Really? Is this what love has become? Is this why no one likes being nice anymore either? (This will have to be in a separate post).

Partner just…reminds me of a business partner or maybe like a partner-in-crime. I hear people say it quite often now, “oh, my partner ordered already” or “oh, my Mrs has phoned to order already”, yet the Mrs isn’t legally stamped on. Thus, is there much meaning in either of these terms?

Just. A. Thought.

But from what I witness almost everyday, it feels that the next generation will not be as family-orientated as the last and instead will shuffle groups, as if abiding to the “don’t put all your eggs in one basket rule”. Where will they belong then?

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